Arvensis releases A-Frame® ReLoad PCR Product Range

Arvensis is delighted to announce its all-new A-Frame ReLoad PCR product range, consisting of both fully skirted and semi-skirted A-Frame ReLoad PCR Tube Strip Plates and the ReLoad tool. The ReLoad PCR Tube Strip Plate is made up of 12 individual 8-well PCR strips, each of which can be independently removed from the ultra-rigid polycarbonate frame. This innovative system enables the used reaction well strips to be safely disposed, while the polycarbonate frame can be reloaded with new strips for the next application.

Adopting the ReLoad PCR plate in place of a standard fixed well PCR plate drastically reduces the amount of plastic waste requiring safe disposal, typically done by incineration for laboratory waste. The fully skirted ReLoad PCR plate weighs approximately 30 grams, comparable to a standard 2-component PCR plate. Each ReLoad PCR tube strip, however, weighs just over one half of one gram. By disposing only the used strips and reusing the frame, this means that nearly 24 grams of plastic are saved from incineration each time the ReLoad frame is used again. In other words, each ReLoad frame that is reused saves 77% of the total weight of plastic from being incinerated.

Developed in tandem with the ReLoad PCR Tube Strip Plate, the ReLoad tool was designed for ease of use with laboratory technicians in mind. It seamlessly and efficiently pops out used or unwanted strips and pushes in new tube strips in mere seconds. Together, this product line advances Arvensis’ mission to drive change on how PCR plates are manufactured, consumed, and disposed, and helping to reduce the negative impact these processes have on our global carbon footprint.