Arvensis is committed to doing our part to protect the environment.
Here are some of the products and projects we are working on right now.

Reducing plastic waste.

Three simple words, but not so easy to accomplish in the lab. Scientific research requires extensive use of single use plastics. It is unavoidable, but we are trying to do our part to help reduce plastic waste. We have introduced the world's first PCR plate that is manufactured partially from plant-based biocomposite materials. This product reduces the use of petroleum-derived plastics during the manufacturing process. We also have developed a range of refillable PCR Tube-Strip plates. Reusing the frame and replacing the tubes helps reduce plastic waste in the lab. We also have a development project to print directly on tubes and plates without the use of paper labels.

Recycle our packaging!

All of our product boxes and shipping containers are made from FSC-certified cardboard. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. These boxes can be reused for other purposes or recycled by your local cardboard recycling programs.

We do need to use zip top plastic bags to keep our products free from contamination prior to use. However, the bags we use are made from polyethylene and can also be reused and recycled.

Many labs now have sustainability programs. Your institution can provide guidance on the best way to reuse and recycle our packaging materials in a safe manner.

How do dispose of our products.

Many people ask if our products can be recycled or composted after use. Consumables used for PCR, whether for research or clinical diagnostics, are generally considered clinical waste due to the samples that may have gone into the plates and the high levels of DNA they may contain post PCR. It s generally recognized that laboratories using PCR plates need to dispose of them along with any other “clinical waste”. Please consult with your institutional guidelines to determine the safest disposal methods for laboratory consumables.

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