A-Frame® PCR Plates and Storage Plates

Arvensis A-Frame® PCR Plates and Storage Plates

A-Frame® PCR Plates and Storage Plates

Arvensis A-Frame® PCR Plates and Storage Plates

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  • Time-tested superior PCR performance from our 2-component A-Frame PCR plates
  • Thin-walled reaction wells made from 100% virgin medical grade low bind polypropylene
  • Ultra-rigid polycarbonate frames provide full compatibility with automated systems
  • 2-component design helps prevent evaporation due to compromised seal integrity common with 1-component PCR plates
  • Low profile wells have maximum capacity of 225μl and a typical working volume of 5μl - 125μl
  • Standard profile wells have a maximum capacity of 330μl and a typical working volume of 25μl - 200μl
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards for your PCR and qPCR applications


A-Frame Plate Design

Our A-Frame 2-component PCR plate is a proven design that delivers superior performance from your PCR and qPCR applications. The thin-walled reaction wells are made from 100% virgin medical grade low bind polypropylene, which has been recognized to be the best material for PCR. The individual polypropylene wells are set into our rigid polycarbonate frame, which is dimensionally stable and is not affected by the mechanical stresses of thermal cycling. This means the plate seal integrity will not be compromised by plate expansion or warping; you will not experience sample loss that is common with 1-component polypropylene PCR plates. The reduction of sample evaporation improves the consistency of your PCR results. It also provides the opportunity to reduce your overall sample volume. The reagents used in PCR are far more expensive than a PCR plate. Many labs quickly cost-justify high-performance PCR plates with the greater savings from reduced reagent usage and loss. Furthermore, our A-Frame plates remain flat, ensuring compatibility with robotic plate handling, before and after thermal cycling.

Our Experience

The Arvensis team has over 30 years' experience designing and manufacturing PCR plates for some of the largest companies in the life sciences marketplace. We understand the demanding requirements of the scientists that need the best possible PCR consumables. In developing our new A-Frame PCR plates, we set out to exceed the quality and performance expectations of our customers.

Our Quality

We have a rigorous quality program to ensure our plates adhere to all our specifications, and more importantly, meet your expectations. The quality team performs several visual inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure there are no defects. We also measure several critical areas for conformance to our dimensional requirements. Every plate undergoes a sensitive electronic well-integrity test to ensure there are no holes in the well. That means every single well of every plate has been checked for leaks before being packaged. We also perform a range of additional tests to check for plate and well integrity, and a PCR evaporation test to ensure our plates do not leak after heat-sealing. Finally, we perform a fluorometric detection assay to ensure there is no DNase or RNase contamination, and a quantitative PCR test to ensure our products are free from detectable human genomic DNA and free from PCR inhibitors.

All of our PCR plates are certified free from DNase, RNase, nucleases and human gDNA

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