Zoltán Erdélyi

Development Director

Zoltan began his scientific studies in high school where he became an engineering draughtman. He then received his mechanical engineering BSc in college, specializing in plastic process technology and tools. Zoltan also has a postgraduate business management degree.

Zoltan’s career as a CAD-CAM designer began at a plastics company in Hungary where he worked for over 10 years, eventually becoming Development Director. Zoltan has numerous plastic designs to his name and has received many awards for his work. He is most proud of his worldwide patent for a packaging and dispensing device used for solid shaped bodies like oral tablets and capsules.

In 2009, Zoltan joined forces with Paul Day and Peter Collins at 4titude as the Development Production and Quality Manager, managing all aspects of the tooling and production operations and creating CAD drawings for all 4titude products.

Zoltan is thrilled to continue working with the entire Arvensis team, designing and manufacturing the world’s first earth-friendly biocomposite PCR plates.

In his spare time, Zoltan enjoys gardening, football, and watching motorsports. He is always happy to travel to the UK if it means stopping in a pub for fish and chips and a pint or two of local beer.