Peter Collins

Director and Founder

After pursuing his BSc in molecular biology, Peter landed a position at life sciences firm Perkin Elmer, where he was responsible for sales of thermal cyclers and PCR products throughout London and Southeast England. In 1990 he was one of the co-founders of ABgene, a life sciences startup, to develop and promote their products in the fast-growing PCR market. ABgene rose to global prominence as a manufacturer of PCR plates and related products, including the first-to-market instrument for heat-sealing microplates. Peter remained at ABgene through 2004.

In 2005 Peter co-founded 4titude with Paul Day and other former colleagues from ABgene. The goal of 4titude was to stand out from competitors by serving the emerging diagnostic PCR market with distinction – from consumables to instrumentation. While at 4titude, Peter formulated a new range of plates and accessories able to meet the need for quality, traceability, and sampling flexibility that molecular diagnostic kit manufacturers required.

Following his work with 4titude, Peter teamed up with colleagues Paul Day and Neal Holtzman to launch Arvensis in 2020. With Arvensis – Latin for “in the field” – Peter and his partners envision a firm ready to enable the life sciences field to continue rapid breakthroughs. Arvensis works closely with customers to develop the products they need while emphasizing minimal environmental impact. In every facet of its business, Arvensis is committed to greener technology that adapts to customers’ needs in their rapidly changing industry.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys rugby, snowboarding, cycling and tennis. (And, of course, a proper beer.)