Paul Day

Director and Founder

Paul’s career in life science began in a laboratory, where he learned directly from scientists how they think and work. He brought that insight into the commercial world when he joined Perkin-Elmer. In 1990 Paul was the founder and managing director of ABgene, which grew rapidly into a major supplier of PCR consumables in the race to sequence the human genome. Under Paul’s leadership, ABgene earned a reputation for making innovative, high-quality products and became a global leader in the supply of PCR plasticware, reagents, and instrumentation.

In 2005, Paul founded his second company – 4titude – along with Peter Collins and other former colleagues from ABgene. The aim of the business was to introduce the next generation of PCR consumables. The strategy of 4titude was to stand out from competitors by serving the emerging diagnostic PCR market through innovative product design and to focus on the growing need for genetic analysis. The strategy proved successful; 4titude established itself as a global market leader in the supply of molecular biology consumables and bench top instrumentation.

Following his work with 4titude, Paul teamed up with colleagues Peter Collins and Neal Holtzman to launch Arvensis in 2020. At Arvensis – Latin for “in the field” – Paul is driven by the potential to fully integrate his experience, market savvy, and product development skills to realize a vision for a more sustainable life science industry.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys cycling, football, skiing, viticulture, and historic car rallying, where he will compete in the 37-day Peking to Paris endurance rally in 2022 – behind the wheel of his 1939 Ford Coupe.