Neal Holtzman

Commercial Director

Neal’s experience in the life sciences marketplace reaches back three decades, to his founding of Arben Bioscience in 1991 – a distributor serving microbiology labs. He later joined a larger distributor as the marketing director and helped to grow the company by broadening its product range, forming a telemarketing department, and introducing a mail-order division. During this time, Neal met Paul Day and Peter Collins, both leaders at ABgene while it was still in its formative years.

After developing a relationship with Paul and Peter, Neal joined ABgene in 1999 and led the opening of the firm’s U.S. office and helped accelerate ABgene’s rapid growth. Neal left ABgene in 2003 to pursue other business interests.

Neal reunited with Paul and Peter in 2014 at 4titude and worked to expand 4titude’s market share in the U.S. Following 4titude’s sale to Brooks Life Sciences, Neal continued on to concentrate on business development for custom and OEM products.

Today, Neal has again joined forces with Paul and Peter at Arvensis – Latin for “in the field” – where he serves as Commercial Director and is an equity partner. His shared experiences with the team through the years bring a genuine synergy to the mission and work of Arvensis. Neal is committed to empowering the firm to continue introducing innovative, relevant products to the life sciences and molecular diagnostics marketplace, ever mindful of the company’s emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices to protect our environment.

In his spare time, Neal enjoys sailing, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and cycling. Neal also has acquired an appreciation for craft bourbons and English-style bitter.